18Nov 2015

Many of you have been training for weeks to months now. You’ve hit your first fitness goals and you’re well on your way to race/competition day. However the holiday season kicks off next week. Everyone knows you can out eat your calorie expenditure/deficit in a few meals. So how do you survive the holidays with […]

13Nov 2015

Before every workout or run you should do these warm up exercises. Slow 50 yard jog 10 arm circles forward 10 arm circles backwards 10 chain breakers 10 body weight squats 10 walking lunges (each leg) Worlds greatest stretch for 10 yard Inch worms for 10 yards Email me at if you have any […]

17Sep 2015

Everyone wants to be as strong as possible. Whether you’re preparing for your next season or for a physical fitness test it is in your best interest to be as strong as possible. The best way to get stronger is using a systematic training program. I use a linear periodized system with my athletes and […]