Security & Facility Assessments

Active Shooter Training

We train your organization on how to be aware of potential threats and what to do when there is an active shooter or assailant situation. Our secure training facility can accomodate both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft landings.

Tactical Medicine Training/First Responder Medicine

We provide instruction for tactical combat casualty care and protocals on what to do in emergency situations, such as active assailants or mass shooters, when a high number of casualties are likely.

Security Evaluations – Vulnerability Assessment

Our experts will share recommendations on how to improve the security of your building and how to minimize the impact of any identified threats. We provide you a detailed report about the safety of your building or facility as well as potential threats.

Physical Security Presence

Using our extensive network of security professionals with prior military and law enforcement experience, we can provide a customized security presence for your event or facility.

Our Clients Depend on PROTAC 

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