Health & Wellness
to bolster individual performance

PROTAC provides a unique approach to helping your organization’s employees be more productive and resilient, while decreasing health care costs.

Leadership Development
to build team cohesion

Maximizing individual performance is essential to keeping your organization operating at peak efficiency.

Security & Facility Assessments
to ensure organizational readiness

We provide you a detailed report about the safety of your building or facility as well as potential threats.

Need a custom solution?

The PROTAC team has an extensive background in operations, tactical training, and human performance, delivering innovative and effective solutions for clients.

With an extensive network of trained professionals, our experts can solve your organization’s most complex problems, as well as identify and allocate highly trained people to implement the programs, such as tactical medicine classes.

Our team is reliable and pragmatic, working to address your organization’s issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Physical Training

Our programs decrease injuries and increase readiness levels, saving time, money and effort.

Military & Law Enforcement

  • Physical training with a focus on strength and conditioning
  • Tactical training, including resistance exercises, endurance and marksmanship
  • Scenario training in secure training locations


  • Sports-specific strength & conditioning
  • Baseline fitness testing, such as Vo2 Max and One Rep Max
  • Team building & leadership development

Veterans Services

As a veteran-owned business, PROTAC strives to provide relevant assistance to those who volunteered to serve our country and to prepare them to be leaders in their communities.

  • Service-to-civilian training, including structured exercise, nutrition and sleep hygiene
  • Financial counseling by accredited providers
  • Legal services, including document preparation and review
  • Networking and career counseling services

Our Clients Depend on PROTAC 

LSU Women’s Basketball | New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy
High school and college athletes