Canaan Heard was a valuable resource to the LSU Lady Tigers. We did a military-inspired program this summer, and with his consultation, it was a huge success. Our players not only saw gains in performance but also improved in discipline, toughness, and attention to detail

Melissa Moore Seal - LSU Strength & Conditioning LSU Department of Strength & Conditioning

I have gotten to know Canaan over the past three months and I am very impressed with his passion for planning physical training for the individual or group in a realistic way. The Marine Corps now mandates that females do 8 pull-ups during a physical fitness test. Canaan created a workout for two of my fellow female Marines and me. We did this workout for 4 weeks and each of us can do one pull up. Canaan understands how muscles function, as well as what they need for optimum strength to be built. I strongly recommend Canaan as a trainer. You will not be disappointed.

Ssgt. Carrie Rieth - USMC

Canaan's Physical Fitness Program was an exceptional and inspiring program, which helped a group of 25+ Marines and me increase our physical fitness levels. Some of the benefits I received from the program included: weight loss, a faster run time, and increased strength, all of which occurred within a three-month timespan. I felt the training better prepared the Marines and me to endure the demanding rigors of combat with little to no injuries. Canaan’s program benefitted everyone in the group. He was very motivated to train, mentor, and assist everyone participating in his program. The Marines and I enjoyed the program and the incredible advancements we all made, which motivated us to incorporate many aspects of his training program into our current unit PT sessions

Ssgt. Celado - USMC

This is a great workout program for everyone, in any branch of service, and even for civilians. It's quick, it's simple, but at the same time, it hits everything you need it to for a great workout. My PT scores have improved tremendously with this program. I highly recommended this workout to people who are either looking to get in shape, or even people who are looking to maintain already good shape.

Garret V - Louisiana National Guard